Akb48 dating scandal, akb48 top ten most shocking moments

The reactions on some girls faces were priceless I have to say Have a good day. Kubota was married at the time, so perhaps that is where those heavy lines on her face are coming from? How very Miichan of her to do so!

And considering how popular Yukirin was and still is, I know this was a tough one to swallow. Holding event like that that can put girls at risk, or even anyone at risk, is just dumb. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Best of all though, casual dating app free Sasshi still kept her incredible sense of humor and down to earth personality intact.

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She actually left at the same time with Hirajima Natsumi, who also got caught with a boy. She also was the next Takamina, Mayuyu, and Tomochin. She and Yukirin should never be separated! This article makes me appreciate their music more. Not sexy, just perfect looking.

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So many of them were heartbroken and crushed when it was revealed that Aimi was a fake. Not to mention what it did to the girls themselves. Seeing how these girls felt makes me want to support them.

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AKB48 Top Ten Most Shocking Moments

But anyways, I do want to take some time to address a few things that you said. The encore chant alone is enough to give you goosebumps, how it keeps going and going, and is so loud it will shake your earplugs right out of your ears. As a shy girl she was, it was unlikely of her to make that move.

  • No publicity is bad publicity, right?
  • So why then did they all graduate at once?
  • Then I happen across the Tokyo Dome concert.
AKB48 The Surprising Truth Behind the World s Biggest Band
AKB48 Top Ten Most Shocking Moments
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And the debating and raging by fans and non-fans alike began. The senbatsu girls make serious money with a lot of their photo ops and now with Showroom, they are getting paid for every successful Showroom they do. All of the members were visibly full of utter disbelief and sadness. Thankfully, the girls only suffered minor physical wounds, as they each had sprained thumbs and lacerations from what had happened. Watching Jurina fall down and nearly pass out when she was told the news during the Saitama Super Arena Tour was absolutely gut-wrenching to watch.

This is a group that started out with just seven people in the audience for the first show and now sell out stadiums full of people on a regular basis. However I think that the transferring was not their intention. Nippon Television Network Corporation.

AKB48 Top Ten Most Shocking Moments

Tomomi is obviously topless for the full effect of having two small hands on her rather well-endowed breasts. When I saw how she improved from those hohumm forgettable early performances and how she is in the latest performances, I felt proud. Does tomorrow work for everyone?

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In fact, I would say she was best known for her dancing in the theater and for her absolutely stunning good looks. So Miichan was prone to doing excessive things so that people would pay attention to her. This will be quite long winded, so apologies in advance. Well, at least the boy looks kind of happy, while Tomomi looks kind of like she has somebody holding a gun to her head just to the right of the photo frame.

AKB48 Minegishi Minami dating scandal Part 2 exposed with Kei Hosogai

And yet it still seemed like things were going well, as they were just adding a new generation to their ranks only months before the announcement of their disbandment was given. And hope to see more from you in the future on my blog! It was all my fault about this.

Those amazing party spoilers at Shukan Bunshun got the pics of her leaving the next morning and it was headline news almost instantly. Wonderful because, hey, its nice to have these feelings. Leave it to her, of all the members, to get everyone talking. Recognizing and seeing the hurt in these girls too, bronx ny for that I thank and applaud you. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers.

Did they really think she would be the next ace and replace Acchan? And she was listed as a trainee? You Sir, are a true Human being. First single as member of Team B. But even more rougher is being a wota.

AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules

It truly means everything to me! Japanese idol singer actress. These past few weeks have been exceptionally crazy for me, in terms of being busy. It still hurts thinking about it now even. How could they not though?

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She has also been a frequent guest on television variety shows. This is the Baka center we are talking about? The transfers are where it got really crazy though. Please check those out if you have the time.

AKB48 idol begs for fans mercy after breaking dating ban

Ah, so here is where things get kind of nasty, eh? Not knocking the cyborg girl. Maybe I can even clarify a few things for you too. If anyone had watched Miichan on all the variety shows leading up to this event, they would see that her reaction almost makes sense given her personality.

That was too funny though. Ross Taylor, beach Mortgage Broker. Not even female idol powerhouses Morning Musume were able to do that at the height of their success! Akicha seemed to lose her popularity around that time and the only way for her by the staff would be going to Indo.

Not seeing her genki smile in videos or at shows is very disconcerting. It was almost an after thought. Thank you for sharing your feelings too. The reaction, worldwide, was a heated one for sure. Arigato gozaimasu for coming to my blog and taking some time to tell me your thoughts!

And I mean, uncontrollable sobbing, like they were just told all of their family members perished in a plane crash. Like fucking boys, for instance. Maybe this is why the Tokyo Dome M concert still costs a fortune on Amazon, even now however many years later.

Nobody complained about that. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Minami Minegishi. But all of them leaving together at once? The girls all pile into their back dressing room area, and just sob.

And all this in a short span of nearly ten years? Backup dancer role in title track. More like a rehash of their former singles, complete with them in bikinis on a beach how original for them!

  1. And yeah, Mayu leaving Team B?
  2. Paruru was amazing, but she was also complicated in her personal life, I think.
  3. The crazy part is that she already was the next Maeda, Yuko, and Mariko.
  4. The body was easy enough to slap onto that face too.
Minami Minegishi
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