Analyzing casino money handling process

Therefore, from the control room, the advanced systems can monitor all the activities of security individuals during the drop period and the hard count. Strategy and Business Analysis. This dependence on human beings is its weakness because human beings are prone to making mistakes or showing preference for personal interests over corporate interests. The drop process begins with a security officer and the slot drop team leader obtaining the slot cabinet keys from the casino cashier's cage.

Before these types of controls were adopted by most casinos, daily revenues were constantly embezzled. By Helen Breen and Nerilee Hing. This is an illustration of how the system is intended to function as a security device.

Analysing Casino Money Handling Process

It is at this point that the actual slot gross gaming revenue is recognized. Correlation and Regression Analysis. Casinos spend large amount of money to provide work for the most skilled cryptographers, gambling theorists and computer security experts. Technology, Internet and Mass Communication. What impact would this have on the hard count process?

Principles of Mathematical Economics. Religion in the Modern World. In this case, the security offered by the casino was poor and largely to blame for the insecurity. This weighing and recording process takes seven minutes per bucket.

Analyzing Casino Money Handling Process

Dollar Coin (United States)

Epidemiology Population-Based Health Studies. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Explanatory report is written. Typically, casinos handle relatively large quantities of cash and this often lures most of the customers and employees to commit crimes. The basic frauds ranged from members of the security team drawing money out of the drop boxes when the boxes were being transported to the count team.

The time it takes to wrap all of the coins from all machines is minutes. The effect of such criminal activities is mostly economic. However, this may not be the best investment of saving time in the hard count process. Personnel controls handle the supervisory requirements in the transactions. Most casino systems are increasingly depending on technological innovations to buffer their security.

Investigation by hard count supervisor. Sociology of Gender and Sexuality. Business Philosophy and Ethics. Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. This is because the activity itself is highly addictive, involves large amount of money and attracts people from various demographic levels.

Tackling these ethical issues will require a full examination of the security system from the collection of money at the drop process to the hard count process. This large influx of money from different sources attracts high-end security systems and personnel that can safely protect the money from cons and safeguards. Every actor and step involved in the handling of casino money should be assessed for any loopholes that may create the need to engage in unethical behavior. The use of electronic slot machines should eliminate all of the time now devoted to the drop process.

This is because electronic machines would count all the customers and the amount that they used in each round and convey this information to the cashier and other accountants. To complete the hard count process, the casino cashier's cage is then notified that the slot drop is ready to be transferred into cage accountability. Is this the most desireable machine to purchase?

Analyzing Casino-Money Handling Process Essay

Special Education and Learning Difficulties. Adding an additional wrapping machine will allow the casino to cut its wrapping time in half, and wrap the same number of coins in minutes. Asian and Indian Religions.

How long should this process take to complete for silver dollar slot machines? Conclusion Gambling in itself has numerous ethical and procedural issues surrounding its promotion and prominence. Of course, the cost of the equipment in both cases would have to be considered.


Management Information Systems. When the wrap portion of the count is completed and all of the rolled coins have been canned and slacked, they are manually counted by denomination. Sociology of Health and Illness. This combination of customers and currency makes gambling a highly stimulating and extravagant activity.

The buckets are securely locked in the hard count room to await the start of the hard count process. Duglas Camilo Cediel Ruiz. These checks include criminal records, casino states no deposit bonus codes employment history and financial investigations.


Flow Chart of Hard Count Process. Ethical Concerns The issue of security in handling casino money contains several instances that can prove to have negative ethical consequences. Debapriya Paul Chakrabarti. Is this the most desirable machine to purchase?

This full drop box is transported to the counting room where records are made of the total sum during the counting session. Casinos normally use highly trained employees having a history in law enforcement who possess skills in tracking down fraudsters. Basic Economic Concepts and Principles. But in terms of time saved, additional equipment in the weigh and record process would increase efficiency considerably over an additional wrapping machine. The casino is considering the purchase of a second coin-wrapping machine.

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The cans are stacked to facilitate counting the wrapped coins. Causes The causes of unethical behavior among security teams within casinos are numerous. However, it has to be noted that there are other processes that are guilty of contributing much higher percentages to the overall processing time, when compared to the coin-wrapping process.

Analyzing casino money handling processes. All casinos that handle large numbers of people have to address frequent security episodes on a daily basis. Casinos commonly use cameras and expert security employees who coordinate the handling and transfer of casino money at every occasion. Poor surveillance by the casino company is a leading cause of most security breaches and threats that allow these security teams to misappropriate funds from the casino.