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Sturgis did not appear to be aligned with any tackle firm at the time, and as this grip does not show up on very many s vintage rods, probably was not widely used. You'll find lots of them selling on ebay daily, so check there to see what kinds of prices they bring, while keeping your reel's condition in mind. If new in the box, it can go higher. Dick sent me a page from R. Nevertheless, the reels were nicely made and remain valuable.

How to date a Zebco 33 fishing reel

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Worden, who manufactured bucktail fly lures in his home. Also someone has put a white handle on the reel. Is it true that Zebco was originally the Zero Bomb Company? Creek Chub Wawasee in the Box.

  1. There are a good number around here so fitted, also a number that were re-modeled, installing such grips.
  2. One large rivet on an aluminum body would be from to about depending on what is inside to date it closer.
  3. Most Shakespeare reels can be dated easily.
  4. Anyone know anything about this rod?

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Vintage South Bend Fishing Tackle

Now if you are a manufacturer and you are going to farm out parts to be made for you by someone, what would you do first? Who knows how long the reel was rolling around in the surf out there? Another unmarked and unknown example.

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In addition, the public was demanding spinning reels instead of casting reels. Shakespeare Marhoff in early Gray Box. The trouble I have with that is that they always had a brake ring, but only started calling it feathertouch after they added the other mechanism. Montague Casting Reel Unmarked.

The company should be able to provide structural clues for dating their reels, and they stock parts for even their older reels. The precise dating of such models is often difficult without knowledge of various structural details. Because so many Hendryx reels were produced, dating them is difficult and requires careful attention to the markings, including the line-capacity stampings on the bottoms of the reels.

Bend, Edwards, Heddon and other sticks, making my own grips and putting in a single or double thumb rest, depending on the size of the rod. Jim I am so glad to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know you and experience your knowledge of fishing reels, rods and other equipment. Randy's Antique Fishing Lures. They are old, free dating and they were among the first truly mass-produced fishing reels in the U.

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South Bend History

Some of these reels are trade reels made by the major companies like Bronson, Shakespeare, or South Bend, but are marked with the brands of the retailers that ordered them. The Fohrmans held interest in South Bend Toy and a local too and die manufacturer as well. Today, a variety of fishing tackle items are sold under the South Bend name by a company in Chicago.

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Following the deaths of John Pagin and A. Not hardware to hardware or tip to tip. Pflueger and Shakespeare reels are generally more popular with collectors than the other mass-produced reels, but most of their products remain in the category discussed here. The company was bought by the makers of True Temper tackle. You would take them a detailed drawing of what you wanted and they would make them to your specifications, right?

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The foot on yours is a typical Terry foot, but obviously it lacks the patent date. One major indicator of age among the above models is the use of slotted, rather than Reed and Prince, interracial dating in raleigh screws to hold the foot to the frame. Click Here for Directions and Map. Can you give me any information on it?

If the condition is only about very good, then stop. The black rubber side plate on one side is quite worn, the chrome plate is apx. He put a piece of blue label maker tape on the button on the new reel and told my brother and I that we could use the old one but leave his new one alone. Pflueger Everlaster Surf Casting Reel.

It is reels such as these that make Indiana Reels so much fun to collect. Henry Kiest died shortly after producing it. They then used a die cast one seen on this reel.

Joseph Hotel which had become a center of light manufacturing. Edward Vom Hoffe with Leather Case. It's a single-action, dating online half-crank brass reel. Rainey replace them with what was available at that time. As he wrote to his lawyer Mr.

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Vintage South Bend Fishing Tackle

Meisselbach Featherlight Fly Reel. The company's founder was a prolific inventor, and many of the Hendryx reels were marked with the dates of his patents, sometimes incorrectly. It could be just dirt or caked grease.

Marc Reel with Script Writing and Box. In about and after, they used a hard brass chrome plated one. Click here for Contact information for selling your lures. The one sided one is the earliest and the two sided one was later. Another back side plate view of a beautifully engraved presentation reel.

If you answered yes, then stop here. Cheaper versions of such were fastened together without screws. Ivar Hennings became Chairman of the Board by in order to devote more time to outside interests and Stream became President as well as Treasurer. Do I have the vintage right? It also holds yds of line.

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Questions about Antique Fishing Reel Brands and Companies

Examples of Lure prices and types wanted. Three hook lures usually are smaller than five hook lures, etc. Comparison with reels of known makers usually identifies the manufacturer. Thus, the change to stainless.

South Bend Bait Company

  • Gerard Brooks became President.
  • They have a bait click but no anti-reverse.
  • Aluminum Hub and Brass Tines.
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