Christmas gifts for College Girls 2018

On this page I’ve started with gift ideas for female college students in general. Further down you’ll find presents for sorority sisters in particular.

Vintage Styled Purse Or Handbag – Cute, Cool and Stylish

61vV8vkrnLL._UY695_Young adult girls are really excited about the vintage and retro look when it comes to their clothing and accessories. Choosing a purse or handbag with a style that throws itself back to the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s is not only fun but she is going to love it. A functional choice for a gift because she will be able to use it.

A Vintage Purse may look like something Grandma carried but it is all the rage right now with young women.

A tablet or iPad

91nij6L-JnL._SL1500_No matter if they are a girl or a boy, If they do not already have one, a tablet device is a great idea for a college student. She will not need to carry a heavy old laptop around and can use her tablet to keep in touch with social media sites, search the web, take notes and watch movies when she needs to relax.

More about the best tablets for college.

If She Is A College Student – what does she need the most?

81fyZPYohkL._SL1500_What do college kids need more than anything? Money! Seriously, they are always short on cash. They may have a part time job but it just never seems to cover all of the expenses. They need money for food, textbooks and sometimes rent. Giving them a gift card from Amazon can relieve some of the stress of always needing money for something. She can purchase a textbook for a class or she can order food supplies and save her other money for other things. It really is a thoughtful idea for her!

Refine Her Skills In The Kitchen

She may still be living at home, or she’s already out the door. She may begin living in a dorm room at college or she may soon share an apartment with some of her friends. In my opinion every girl and boy needs to learn to cook at least the basics. And preferably healthy.

A camera

Best selling digital camera loaded with great features with a 4.5 star rating by people who purchased it.

She will want to have a good camera to record events in her new life. Of course she will still love to see those photos from Mom and Dad but she is at an age where she is creating her own memories with her friends, co-workers and places that she travels. It is a gift that she can use for years to come.

More about picking the right camera.

Greek Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa and more for your fellow sorority sisters

Greek life in college will help define who you are, who your social circle will consist of and help you find your job. Sorority sisters are your first stab at a professional network. However, it’s also simply fun to be in a sorority (if it’s not, you might as well leave: you won’t get much of a network out of it if you don’t enjoy it anyhow).

Sorority stocking stuffers are a great way to count down towards Christmas with your sorority sisters. Here are some ideas.

More Stocking Stuffers and Gag Gifts

Sorority Wars

The whole sorority setting were the girl takes on the Alpha sorority where they were suppose to be legacies but ended up not pledging and pledging elsewhere and/or not pledging. It is a lifetime movie, it is fun and upbeat. Lucy Hale did a good job in this… Not really much else to say on the movie.

Sorority wars is about girl-fights, growing up and real-life issues. Still with a happy ending, of course.

Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities – Cheap gift, yet fun!

The result of undercover work, this book describes some of the abuses that go on in sororities – without claiming they happen in ALL Greek houses. Something to talk about with your sisters. How does YOUR sorority measure up?

Inside Greek U.: Fraternities, Sororities, and the Pursuit of Pleasure, Power, and Prestige

A look at gender and race issues going on in fraternities and sororities. DO girls learn to be girly, passive and giggly? Do the boys learn to be unemotional, homophobic and aggressive towards women?

Another conversation starter.

A Go Greek Shirt

164_1000x1000_Front_Color-BlackCelebrate Greek life with this fun long sleeved shirt that isn’t girly at all.

Also available in short sleeves and white.

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