Bollywood Quiz: Indian Movies Facts and Trivia

What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is the capital of Hindi Film Industry. It is located in Mumbai (or Bombay as the city was known). You would have guessed that the name is a rip-off from Hollywood.

Bombay became Mumbai but Bollywood didn’t become Mollywood, why? Because Mollywood = the Malayalam film industry. Confused? We have Tollywood and Kollywood too in India!

Bollywood produces and releases hundreds of movies each year. The subjects, scripts, budgets, vary. The essence remains the same – entertainment.

Cinema is a religion in India. First introduced by Europeans in late 19th century, Indians quickly began making their own movies.

Indian culture of songs, dance, myths, and story telling found a new method of expression. In 2009 India produced a total of 1288 feature films.

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I’m so enthralled with Bollywood dance – ever since I saw it performed at the Univ of Hawaii where my sister got her Master’s in dance. Shortly after I saw this, So You Think You Can Dance introduced Bollywood dance on the show and I’ve been hooked.
— A reader

Bollywood and the history of indian movies

Dadasaheb Phalke
Dadasaheb Phalke

Raja Harishchandra, made in 1913, was the first full-length motion picture made in India. It was a silent movie directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, who went on to direct a few more movies based on mythological and historical subjects.

First Talkie, Alamara was released in 1931. That makes the Film industry in India nearly a century old.

These 100 years have seen countless actors, actresses, music composers, screenwriters, producers, and other creative people come together to create the magic that is Indian cinema.

Among hundreds or thousands of Directors who have been a part of Bollywood, a noted few have left their footprints on the sands of time.

New Directors accept them as benchmark and try to improve on what they have done, other wise they try and copy the master directors to the best of their ability.

Bollywood could be jollywood too. the people sing and dance all the time except for dramas.

— A reader

Tickets sold per year
3.6 billion
2.7 billion
Revenue per year
$1.3 billion
$51 billion
NEW movies per year

Bollywood History – a very influential director

Raj Kapoor and family
Raj Kapoor and family

Raj Kapoor, even 22 years after he passed away, remains the Bollywood Director with the most influence on cinema going public. His movies are still watched by millions of people, the music still entertains music lovers, and his family is doing pretty well in Bollywood.

His films struck a chord will movie lovers across continents. Some of the songs like “Mera Joota Hai Japani” and “Awara Hoon” are immortal hits.

His father – Prithviraj Kapoor was a in the same industry. Raj Kapoor acted in most of the films he directed and they won awards in India and abroad. Known as the showman – the list of his movies is too long to note down and elaborate here.

He had the ability to get the best from his actors, musicians, singers, scriptwriters, and everyone involved in making a film.

Well Bollywood is more of Hollywood sans special effects and addition of music and dance, multiplication of melodrama and emotions and redundant stories.
— A disgruntled reader


The “Items girls” in many Bollywood films reminds me of the hey days of Hollywood when stars such as Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ann Bancroft were the featured performers in several Hollywood musicals.
— A reader

More about Bollywood

Being in College means stepping out of your comfort zone. Get into the Indian vibe with Bollywood!

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