Best Cheap Burglar Deterrents for College

Keep your stuff safe with these Burglar Deterrent Gadgets

Every year millions of Burglaries take place in the United States. Most of them can be prevented using simple techniques.

There are plenty of cheap Burglar Deterrents available in the market which can help secure your home.

Use these cool gadgets to secure your home and keep the Burglars away. If you have a personal favorite and it is not listed on this page – please leave a comment in the guest book and I’ll try my best to include it.

Automatic light switch timers

I’ll be honest: this is the only thing on the page that I actually use. An automatic light switch timer makes sure the light goes on at night, off at bed time and on again the next morning, so to the casual observer, it seem like you’re home. I like the mechanical system: takes less energy, but there are electric alternatives that you can build in, if you want.

How it works?

  1. Put the automatic light switch timer in the socket
  2. Put the electric cord of the light in the socket of the timer
  3. Turn on the light (it probably won’t turn on)
  4. Set the timer for the appropriate times
  5. Stay home to see if it works

Of course trying it out could be done by simply first setting the timer for the time it is when you try it.

Of course this is no use at all in a college dorm environment. So read on.

Novelty diversion safes for your college dorm

Wow, you’re off to college and will be sharing a room. What to do to keep your valuables safe? Well, a diversion safe is a good first step.

The whole idea behind diversion safes is that the best protection against burglary is just not making it obvious that there is anything to steal. Another advantage is, of course, that these burglar deterrents are cheap.

If opportunity makes the thief – the best way to avoid getting your money stolen is to just not have it in plain sight. Especially if you’re in a college dorm and you have people walking in and out your room at all hours.

Your room mate will probably catch on, but as long as your friends (and theirs) don’t, you’re still pretty safe. Of course – if you have a spy mentality you may actually be able to avoid letting on that you keep stuff in a book, or a clock or a fake soda can, even to your roomy.

Clock diversion safe – this is probably the one I would get myself. You need a clock anyhow, why not get one that doubles as a hiding place for valuables?

Ajax bleach – Fake cleaning stuff your friends would not dream of picking up. There is definitely something to be said for this type of diversion safe. Keep it under the sink with all the real cleaning materials, right at the back. That’s one place nobody would even think of looking for jewelry or emergency money, that’s for sure.

Barbasol – Same thing: nobody will think of using this when they’re just visiting.

Book Diversion Safe – If you have a lot of books lying around one more won’t be noticed. Except of course if you have the kind of friends who will take a look at your book case in search for talking points. Still, a boring book that is really a safe is a great place to hide stuff.

It’s an old classic too.

Fake Surge Protector – With cables lying around your room for your pc and internet connection, what’s one more surge protector? If someone does try to use it, you can just say it’s broken or something. Or dump it at the bottom of a closet as if you had it as a spare.

Fake candle diversion safe – If you’re the kind of girl (I assume no guy would think of buying this) who likes to have a few decorative candles around the room this is just the way to hide your jewelry in plain sight: in a fake candle. Of course you should not light it though…

Food diversion safes

A soda can, or a can of preserves that looks ancient… Nobody will suspect it’s a diversion safe, but people might be tempted to drink or eat from them.

I’m not sure these make a good hiding place for that reason. However, because these are cans they are very efficient holding places: no room used for the disguise.

Stash them at the back of your private refrigerator and you probably are safe.

The amazing water bottle really is amazing: it looks empty, yet it’s a safe you can put your valuables in. It’s a technological marvel and yes, it’s a good hiding place because nobody drinks from someone else’s water bottle.

A reader says:

I had bought a Pepsi one for my grand daughter, and sure wished she had used it when their house got robbed. In fact, that was one of the things she said, “If I had put my stuff in there I would still have it.” These diversion safes are a good idea for many reasons, including keeping brothers and sisters out of your stuff 🙂

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