Bollywood Quiz: Indian Movies Facts and Trivia

What is Bollywood? Bollywood is the capital of Hindi Film Industry. It is located in Mumbai (or Bombay as the city was known). You would have guessed that the name is a rip-off from Hollywood. Bombay became Mumbai but Bollywood didn’t become... Read More

Quiz: Harry Potter Facts and Trivia

Are you ready for my Harry Potter quiz? Test your knowledge of Harry Potter magic, your spell mettle, your charms trivia, and your multiple choice skills. I have made you a 10 question quiz about the magic world J.K. Rowling created. See if I made it... Read More

My Favorite New York Movies

I saw a movie just now – ‘Raising Helen‘ – and I just thought, hey – it’s always those New York Movies that I love. Seriously, there’s a certain energy to New York Movies that I just really relate to. New... Read More