Quiz: Harry Potter Facts and Trivia

Are you ready for my Harry Potter quiz?

Test your knowledge of Harry Potter magic, your spell mettle, your charms trivia, and your multiple choice skills. I have made you a 10 question quiz about the magic world J.K. Rowling created. See if I made it too easy or too hard… Some of the questions are about the magic in this world.

Also, I loved the Harry Potter books and I also liked the movies. However – in the final movies (Deathly Hallows 1 & 2) I noticed serious differences between the two. Don’t worry, the main storyline is intact. However, some of the quiz questions here outline the differences.

Good luck!

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Some explanations on the questions

I made a pretty tough quiz here. A few of the questions rely on logic: you have to read well, and think things through consistently to answer correctly.

What is most untrue… Food cannot be created out of nothing in the Harry Potter world. This is a true statement of something that cannot be done in this world. As a true statement, it’s not UNTRUE.

“Your mother can’t produce food out of thin air…No one can. Food is the first of the first Principal Exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration.”

pg. 292 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (US edition)

What IS untrue is that love can be created by a love potion. Love potions create, according to Dumbledore, only a strong infatuation, not real love. Given the essential place given to love in the whole series, this is a very important distinction. Note that Voldemort’s father ran out on his mother after she stopped giving him a love potion. Note that Harry’s mom loved him so much that she was willing to die for him.

An animagus can change into ONE (not any) animal at will.

Legilimency is, in the HP world, the ability to read minds (roughly). Occlumency is the art of protecting yourself against Legilimency.

An unbreakable vow…

a) cannot be broken: the person has to do as promised.

b) will cause death when broken.

If there were no other alternatives, one would say ‘true’ to the first. However, it’s not quite true that an unbreakable vow cannot be broken. Snape was not under any magical compulsion to kill Dumbledore. He had to kill Dumbledore because he would die himself if he didn’t. He probably took the vow in part to give himself a strong incentive to be able kill the man he respected so much.

The very fact that the unbreakable vow causes death when broken means that it CAN be broken.

Ron: “An Unbreakable Vow? Nah, he can’t have…Are you sure?”
Harry: “Yes, I’m sure. Why, what does that mean?”
Ron: “Well, you can’t break an Unbreakable Vow….”
Harry: “I’d worked that much out for myself, funnily enough. What happens if you break it, then?”
Ron: “You die.”
— Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling


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