How to stay organised in College

Staying organised can be quite a challenge in college. In fact, it could be argued that it’s the most important thing you’ll learn there. After all, balancing a career and private life will also require planning capabilities.

On this page you’ll find help organizing as well as a question: is it best to plan digitally, or do you use a paper agenda book? And does it work for you? To get you started I’ve collected comments from people I know about this topic (anonymously).

Why go with physical pen and paper?

  • They work even when there’s no electricity
  • Faster
  • They don’t need batteries
  • I like the feel of pen to paper
  • In some ways I’m old fashioned
  • Cheap: paper gets the job done for way less money than those expensive smart phones. Online calendars may be cheap, but you can’t carry them around with you.
  • We remember better when we see things on physical paper (yes, there have been studies done), which is also a good reason to take notes on paper, instead of laptop or tablet.

Why go digital?

More ways to sync. If you lose your telephone or you PC you can easily recover all your meetings and events.

I’ve switched to a digital calendar (Google calendar) on my phone – you?

Digital Calendar or Pen to Paper?

I finally got myself a smart phone and switched to using a digital calendar on there and on my iPad as well. It turns out that the main reason for this system is that if you use one online calendar – say Google calendar – it automatically synchronizes with all your appliances. So I can keep track of contacts online and my phone will know about it. I can note new appointments on my iPad and find them on my phone. It really is ideal.

I love the (android) widget that lets me know what I have planned for the week. And I can add appointments, or change them, from my tablet, phone and pc. And it all syncs up.

How to manage various chores

I use google drive for spreadsheets, I like that I can access it from my phone, or computer.

For notes/ideas/lists I use evernote; I also have keep a backup of all my blog posts in there. I just started scanning house documents (warranties & receipts) to cut out the paper in my life.

Success is the Goal

College Success Planner
College Success Planner

Successfully graduating is one of the goals, isn’t it? A planner or agenda book that is designed with the needs of a college student is extremely helpful. Not only does this one have space for assignments and all of the other activities but there is also advice and tips for the student to help you accomplish the tasks set before you as you go through your academic life.

Digital sticky notes

Sticky notes in windows 10
To keep track of things that are urgent. In my case it also has some often used code for simple copy-paste jobs.

You can find sticky notes in Windows 10 through:

all apps >> accessories >> sticky notes

Once you’ve found and used it, of course, it will show up in your start menu.

A Cute Floral Student Planner

81GbW1i7GvL._SL1500_This cute floral design for the cover is one that many college girls will like and then when you sees all the wonderful ways that you can keep your college life in order; you will just love it! You will have a special section that you can record your class schedule plus a monthly view of what is going on in your life. There are also pages for you to make note of daily events and activities. It is a very well planned organizer for any college girl to use.

At-A-Glance Academic Weekly/Monthly Appointment

I LOVE staying organized.

It calms me. I have a digital calendar, a business calendar, a personal calendar and one that combines them. Seems like a lot of work? No. It’s automatic. I have an appointment and automatically fill in all the blanks. It takes less than a minute to do so. Outlook pops up to remind me what to do each day. When I’m at my desk I can look ahead when planning business stuff. When I’m out I can plan personal stuff. And I’m always calm. Knowing everything is in its place 🙂

A Small Planner Does A Big Job

An agenda or planner does not have to be huge to get the job done for a college student. You can choose a small 5 by 8 inch book that allows you to record your assignments along with other important information for each day. Often the smaller planners have a week at glance format where they can keep things simple and still see quickly what is due today and the rest of the week.

Why go digital?

My calendar is on my smartphone. I have it with me everywhere I go.

Not everything is planned

A lot of my life is online, but every once in a while I forget about twitter, I refuse to read my email, I don’t check my statistics… Sometimes it’s because I just got myself a great book to read. Sometimes because the creative juices are flowing. Sometimes simply because it feels right.

Being connected is great, but it should not become a chore. You can be more efficient if you don’t keep track of every little thing on twitter, Facebook etc.

For college students too this is important. You need to learn to become who you are, and that means that sometimes you need to just chill. And I don’t mean party. I mean time when you think about things without structure. Find out what YOU think about things. What you feel about your life. What you like and dislike. What you’re really good at and enjoy.

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